SENR in few words


SENR is a green technology-oriented company promoting solar air conditioning systems.

Our R&D department developed and patented a box, monitoring air conditioning networks according to the user’s priorities, with the constant focus of maximize savings using solar production. 

The box, which trade name is STEADY GO, can manage centralized air conditioning installations powered by VRF systems or Chilled water, but also installations with numerous individual split systems regardless of their brand and technology. In its basic version, STEADY GO can manage an installation without solar plant aiming to a minimum of 20% energy saving. In its most advanced version STEADY GO may manage multiple air conditioning networks with NRE production and storage reaching a total of 80% saving at maximum. Communication through MODBUS protocol permit to be connected to almost all major A.C. players. Steady Go is ready to deal with smart grid manager through its powerful algorithm allowing it the reach the required consumption by the aggregator

Easy to set up on site, STEADY GO records all installation data which are saved in the cloud and made reachable under subscription. It also allows subscribers to manage their installation remotely and dispatch energy cost among every individual or group users